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We are observers of life, recorders of the greatest creations of God,

protectors of His creation, custodians to a planet He entrusted to us.

Louis began his journey into the world of wildlife and scenic photography in late fall of 2014.  He has always loved wildlife but in his early years found it difficult to invest in the equipment.  Through God's graciousness, He's provided Louis with the tools needed to pursue this marvelous and exciting journey into the Observation and the Recording through Digital Tools of His Greatest Creations.

Each moment when I stand in the midst of wildlife, I find myself amazed.  I consider what an honor it was for Adam to name each and every creation of the Lord.

What a special planet we live on.  What a special world we have the honor of protecting and preserving.

I pray that the images I take represent each species in all of it's glory.  That the images you see here on this page inspire you the way taking them inspired me.

Finally I pray that they convince you of the great Creator that we have.

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2300 Colbi Court

Fort Worth, Texas 76120

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